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Preparing the Site

Before laying your Turf make sure you have:
Dug Over / Rotovated the area which is to become Lawn.

Removed all rubble, old tree roots and builders’ waste.

Made sure that the land drains freely.
(If it doesn’t consider installing a drainage system)
If your soil is of poor quality we recommend adding a layer of about 3 inches (7.5 cm) of Top Soil mixed if possible with peat-free soil enriching compost.
Raked over and levelled the site
Firmed down the soil.
(either by rolling with a heavy roller (From a Hire Shop) or by treading the entire area with your feet)

Raked over again and repeated the firming and raking process, until the whole site is level even and firm.
Measure out the area of the intended Lawn and add at least an extra square metre in case of mishaps or to fill in corners / odd shapes.

Laying the Turf


To avoid deterioration your Turf should be laid unrolled within 24 hours of delivery.
Mark out the area and begin laying Turf along one edge packing edges tightly together.
Set down a board / plank to kneel and walk on, move this along as the lawn progresses.

(This will help compress the turf, whilst avoiding footprints).
Stagger the joints - rather like bricklaying and ensure that there are no gaps anywhere.
For a striped effect lay lines of Turf in alternate directions.
If any dips / hollows appear, peel the Turf back and fill these with a little top soil.
Check levels and tidy the edges with a half moon edging tool.
Cutting curves can be perfected by marking out with a hose pipe or by a trail if silver sand.

Lawn Aftercare

Avoid walking on your new lawn for a couple of weeks, while the grass roots bed themselves into their new home.
Any cracks or gaps that appear can be filled by sprinkling and brushing in coarse sand or soil.
On a daily basis - for the first two weeks, water the new lawn thoroughly and evenly.

(This will avoid the risk of shrinkage, whilst assisting in a speedy establishment of roots)
After approximately 2/3 weeks pull a light roller over the lawn.

(Going long and cross ways)
When the lawn appears to be establishing itself - 2-4 weeks - mow the lawn with mower blades set at a height of 2” (5cm).
Thereafter, resist the temptation to mow too closely.
Enjoy your new Lawn!

Creating the Finest Lawn

Here is a brief practical guide to making the most of your Turf and creating a great new Lawn.

Just follow these three stages which cover: Preparing the Site, Laying the Turf and Lawn Aftercare. Along with a series of useful tips that will make it easier to get the lawn right.